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Old 2012-02-20, 11:54
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Opportunities to make money from your music?

I don't know if its a dirty word on here suggesting that you can actually make money from the music your recording, anyway here goes.

I used to be involved quiet heavily in the music scene about 20 years ago (Don't laugh LOL) and we used to program our synths using C Lab notator. We were really cutting edge at the time and managed to land quiet a few TV contracts to write and record theme tunes. This work believe it or not used to generate quiet alot of money. However i got married had a couple of kids, had to get a real job, you know how the story goes..LOL

Anyway fast forward 20 years i decieded about 18 months ago to get back into writing music, went through the massive learning curve of using modern software and technology etc. And i have to admit im really pleased i did this, so this is where i need some advice / what your thoughts are.

My feeling on modern day producers is that its actually much more difficult now days to get any type of recognition at all. The sheer volume of tracks coming into Sound Cloud, You Tube, Forums, free down loads etc etc. Is mind blowing and being a business man at heart im starting to think im really going to have to do this for nothing more than the love of it.

Even looking at the direction digital music is progressing with sites like Spotify and some of the streaming sites i just can't see where or how any real revenue is going to get to the artist even if they are successful!

As an example when i was younger i used to play my guitar in the subway with my mate on a pair of bongos, we were quiet good and on a good day we actually earn't £100 - £150 im thinking that this type of earning potential is actually greater than getting signed to a record lable and getting somewhere..LOL Am i right or wrong, please someone tell me that i'm wrong.

Has the access to digital media actually made it more difficult to get recognised, in 1990 i was one of probably a 100 people in my area creating digital music, now with all the digital advances i'm one in ten thousand. I don't want to sound negative but what do you guys think.

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