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Singing a New Song

The lyrics are below for the song I am singing here:


Noticed by a girl in a good hour,
In the evening time, by an orchard swing,
Under the trees is the red flower,
Watered by a shower in a time of spring.

It waits with a bud on its leafy dome.
It sweetens the solitary universe.
It helps the bee to find its home.
It helps make fresh the poet's verse.

In the long lawn it has a gentle stance.
Residing, yet hidden, from a hot sunray.
Forgetting a human circumstance
Of the superficial world of our yesterday.

It grows beside the green clover.
It blesses the slippery rushing stream.
It blossoms on the land we tread over.
It rises up eternally in a dream.

The greatest and smallest people love its shape.
It rises up in the bold sunlight.
Found on the ground of a green landscape.
The flower is lost in the fields of night.

The hyacinth rests on the silent ground.
The flower's exposed in a day of rain.
The hyacinth appears after breaking its mound.
It pauses for a while in the whole terrain.

The hyacinth sweetens the glorious weeds.
It breaks through the mud and the dirty earth.
The flower is gathered for a lady's needs
With a beautiful bud of complete worth.

The hyacinth is a good flower.
Found in the valleys of the spring,
It is quiet but has a strong power.
It cares not for our trampling.

Its heavenly life is short and sweet.
It claims its place and shows its face.
It grows beyond the windy street,
Dissolved by the planet leaving no trace.

The hyacinth withers in the spot it grew.
Delighting those who say goodbye,
Flagging a surprise with a tender hue,
It blesses the few who look and sigh.

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