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Free the Reason Rack

I'd like to see an optional Reason rack mode by which the whole of the sequencer (including audio recording) and the SSL desk would not be present. Only one window with no track view, no CPU bars, or transport buttons visible. Just the rack and the instruments.

This would make it ideal for use as a rewire slave. All the other stuff is superfluous for those who use the Reason instruments alone along with our host of our choice. Remember, just one window only for us ALT +TAB users.

The option of 'rack' or 'full mode' should be saved as part of the project file.

In the rack mode any Dr Octo Rex midi slices would be exported as a single channel one loop midi file when 'send to track' is clicked. Likewise any sequences created in the step sequencer.

A new device could be created called the 'channel strip'. This would give access to the EQ and compression of the SSL desk but in one handy device that would be part of the rack.

Also of use would be an option to double the sample rate in comparison to the rewire host so that the host can work in 44.1kHz and the Reason rack can be in 88.2kHz for example.

Also, I would like to see audio to be sent to the rack via rewire and not just from it.

And finally, go bash some heads together (metaphorically speaking of course) and encourage the other DAW companies out there to use a more friendly rewire capability. It seems that only Live and the now defunct Tracktion handle rewire in a sensible manner. Rewire is still seen as being a PITA for a lot of folk. This is a shame because they are missing out on the Reason rack.

Make Reason simpler to use over rewire and I'm sure a lot more folk will use it.


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