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Question Less Is More?

I notice in a lot of the projects I've seen the "pros" working on, they'll have dozens and dozens of tracks going in the same project. I come from a more traditional musical background (rock, folk, whatever) and have always tended to put fewer elements into my tracks (thinking of it like a 4 or 5 part band), but many times they lack that depth and immersive quality of "pro" tracks.

Recently, I have been trying to incorporate more elements into my tracks, with melodies, chords, arps, counter melodies, bass lines, etc. Trying to get that depth and complexity. But, despite everything being in the same key and harmonizing well, the final result is still usually unfocused and just sounds like the track is trying to go in too many directions at once. The last track I made, I held back and used fewer tracks/sounds and the result seemed a bit better. But I feel like there should be more going on! Like it's too simple. LOL

So, I thought I would ask you all; how do you guys tend to build and flesh out your tracks? Do you have multiple musical ideas going at the same time, ie melody, chords, arp, counter, bass line, etc? Or do you prefer to keep things simple?

Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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