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Using Articulations in Reason.

This problem has plagued me ever since I got into making music with sample libraries

I am wondering,

Say I have a bunch of violin samples that include portamento staccato legato etc.

How in the one midi track do I switch between the different articulations. So for example I want my midi sequencer track to play three staccato violin stabs followed by some sweeping legato.

I am wondering how you do this if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

I am assuming I do this in the nn xt with different zones, but how? Can I do this a lot easier with Kong?

Currently what I do is have a track for each different articulation i.e. a staccato track a legato track and I just delete notes out of which section I don't wont and input the midi note in at the desired position on the articulation I want, Is this how you are menat to do this surely not.


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