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Father and son of the traditional craft together gongs struck

【 introduction 】

China drum music, with its long history origin, and strong national air and unique Oriental verve is well known in the world, but made by hand, and process tedious, time-consuming, not many people engaged in. Today we followed in Taiwan journalist shot to know such a pair of insist on hand made of father and son gongs.


(reporter LiShen: speaking of instruments to many people think the piano or guitar is that western instruments like this, so the traditional instruments, is how gongs make, today we can take you to Taiwan to see the traditional industry is how to make the gongs.)

(site: play gongs...) A little gongs so rich voice, he is the creator of the WuZongLin, is the only remaining still use manual Taiwan causeway of the craft that teacher, with their own interests, master wu of 30 years has gongs. His studio and then open to the mountain in the, named leave xianju, although slightly crude, but hundreds of face all kinds of gongs, let a person big open horizon. Now he hopes to inherit the mantle WuZongXu son.

(WuZongXu: general craft 3 years in six months, but doing it without gongs, there is no way, more than 20 years I tell my dad ten years, but there are still a lot of gongs and can't do it.

WuZongXu said, the production of gongs and time-consuming, not only need patience, rich experience is also very important, especially the production scale gongs, exquisite workmanship, keep freely, punctuated only to know enough, we can make a good scales gongs.

(site: the gong "Chinese") has changed with The Times, red gongs business less than before, and the number of each year from making gongs 10 years ago to today's 30 to 60 face to face. Traditional gongs industrial enough to make ends meet, the wu also began to everyday life with gongs, they and hotel industry near joint, the development of tourism. Visitors can watch over the gongs, experience the knock on gongs.

(WuZongXu: for example we deal with very beautiful appearance, make the shelf to the somebody else convenient back, bring back to where, at any time can knock before, and with the rest of the coin of gongs to do some candlestick and so on, let everybody see like he brought back.)

Although handmade of gongs ways are hard rugged, but the wu still clung to his father and persistent dream.

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