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how to mix vocals with reason5?

hello im making a album i have 13 songs & i made all of the beats for the album with reason 5 i was told that you can push yellow but its best to keep your beat in the green i want the best sound i can get for the album so i keep my beat in the green but when i bring the beat in to logic at 0.0 the beat sounds real low & when i solo the beat & look at the master out put it say -15 & logic only goes to +6.0 & even at +6.0 its still hard to mix & i dont think maxing out the fader is a good idear & when i solo the vocals with out any efxs or plug ins the vocals show up at 2.4

i hope some one can help me out with what i should do one of my friends told me to put a gian on the beat but that sounds kinda reckless to me a lil & one of my other friends was like use the plug ins in logic to master the beat but i dont know if its a good idear to master the beat my self with logic be cuz after i master the beat i wood still have to mix the vocals in to the beat then send the song to get mastered when i have all my songs ready & fully mixed for the album & that sounds like a lot of mastering for the song & im not a pro they all ways say you should not master your own music

i worked real hard on the beats & the songs im trying to go for the best sound when my cd is complet i wanna mix my cd the most pro way i can i dont wanna make any big misstakes in the mixing process or make any big misstake trying to master the beat my self be for i mix the vocals i need help if any one knows good tips or good addvice i can use to help me mix the vocals in to the beat that wood help me out lot =)

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