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Physically-modeled analog synth

I know this has probably been asked for a million times, but I just finally sat down to compare Ableton's Analog with Thor, and Thor clearly is not as nice-sounding. Analog sounds beautiful at all settings and Thor is acceptable at best.

While I can see a case being made for the routing options plus the user's musical and mixing skills making up for this, I think that, say, an analog modelling mode switch for Thor, if Props can do it with less CPU than Ableton it could be a game-changer for Reason and something to boast about. Most people have the cycles to spare to dedicate to a few analog-faithful star synths in their mix.

Also ... on a side note ... I tried for a couple hours to approximate Analog's sound in Thor. Just upping the sampling rate doesn't do it! I don't think it's really possible, besides adding pitch errors, multiplying the amp envelope to make it exponential, upping the drive on a filter and putting in some low end boost. Doing that makes it warmer and kind of better, but not pretty like Analog. If anyone has some more tips though ... !

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