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Unable to sell old upgrade?!?!?

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded to Reason 6, and therefore no longer needed my genuine Reason 4 Upgrade, so I put it on e-bay, and mentioned in the listing that I will transfer my license upon the end of the auction.

I've just tried to transfer the license to the new owner of the upgrade, but I'm not allowed unless I also transfer the License for the main program of the software which I am keeping (The program which I need to run the Reason 6 Upgrade).

Why is it, that even though I'm trying to do this above board/legally I'm still being penalised??

Why should I sell all my software to be able to make a little bit of money back towards helping to pay for the new upgrade??

I've been using Reason pretty much since it was first released but it seem's there is no incentive for long standing users who pay legitimately for the software.

My question is, is there a way I can legally sell an upgrade without selling all of my software, or am I expected to use it as a tea coaster or chuck it in the bin?

Thanks in advance,


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