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Old 2012-03-21, 03:08
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Reason user in denial—Is Reason a toy?

I'm beginning to realize that what outsiders (non-Reason users) have been telling me since I've been using Reason since version 1 is perhaps true. And if I can embrace that, I can have less heated debates with them and more fun with the software.

It may in fact be a toy, or novelty DAW as they say. Whatever. There is no video support, no MIDI-Out, no audio quantize, it can't even act as a ReWire host (which still seems odd), and now this new, rather cute idea of having a store to sell "proprietary plug-ins"... It is quite the novelty. It lacks many options that would make it a DAW catered towards a true professional. It's becoming more "cute" in the new light. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Rack Extensions is still an "inside the box" idea (I mean that literally and it's a play on Propellerhead words) However, it's a fun idea. I suppose they see it making them money and that's what's most important (that's not a zinger, but rather a true statement about any business out to make money). But I think they are hindering some users' creativity with the constant limitations—I do have to say that. I'm new to the forum, but am seeing much debate over several different issues and features users have been rallying for. Wow. Not sure if I should chime in on any of that. It's scary in there! Lol. I think many people want like me, for their hero team to go pro (and I don't mean strapping cameras on their heads lol).

Funny how so many people defend "the mold" of what Reason was based on, while Propellerhead breaks all their rules along the way lol. Just go "all in" already! Much like Apple dropped the regular ol' "Macbook" and now there is just the "Air" and "Pro." Perhaps the current Reason can become "Essentials" and then there could be a "Pro" version that offers everything a pro DAW needs to work in a professional studio? Then the nay-sayers could avoid going pro? I dunno =\

I'm still a huge fan of Reason, but I'm realizing amongst my cohorts that if I embrace it for what it is and not deny it, things will be easier. Denial ain't no river in Egypt! I guess I've always been a huge fanboy of Props and get offended when my buddies in the studios call it a toy. Oh well. Embrace and move on. Looking forward to having fun with this software even if we call it a damn video game! So there!

Reason knows very well what their target market is and they intend to stick to it (although, sometimes it seems their target market is their staff). I suppose if I want those other pro features, I'll need to go elsewhere. There's nobody stopping me.

So, on that note, any rack extensions folks are particularly looking forward to?

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