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Old 2012-03-22, 02:20
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Let unused CPU cycles perform automatic track "freezing" (bouncing)

One of the problems I've had with Reason in the past is what to do when I start to get a high DSP usage level that causes Reason to stop playback because my system can't handle the workload anymore. Typically the workaround for this is to bounce a track to waveform and then let that be your source for sound, otherwise called "freezing" (apparently) in other software. I have a problem with this method...

After a track is bounced the device (or group of devices chained together) that created the track continue to use CPU cycles, even if you mute, disable, bypass those devices or the mixer channel their feeding. The only way I've found to get a string of devices to stop using CPU is to delete the entire group, which means if I wanted to "unfreeze" something, I'd have to recreate or copy those devices back into the rack, make my changes, bounce again.


What I would like to see is some kind of background "silent" bouncing that takes place automatically. You create an instrument, some effects, lay down notes, tweak a few knobs and move on to the next instrument. Since you're busy with a new instrument and haven't adjusted anything with the first track, Reason could auto bounce that track in the background. You'd never actually see the bounced track in waveform (unless you revealed it). Once bounced, the devices that made the sound would be truly "turned off" but never deleted so their still in the rack but not eating up clock cycles. If you make a change to the track after it's been bounced, it'll just re-bounce it a few minutes after you've stopped making changes.

Of course, next best thing to this would be for me to be able to just bounce a track manually like I can do already but then give me a way to truly disable the source devices that otherwise would continue to eat up CPU cycles.
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