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Old 2012-03-30, 02:55
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Function Objects... just an idea or concept...

Been speaking to a friend of mine tonight, and he was saying what would be a nice tool / add=on would be like a palette of 'function' objects, so that you could have for example, some fade out control such as volume, but instead of right clicking 'edit automation' and drawing in the clip and then the nodes, you could drag a function clip from the tool palette and 'dump' it on to the audio / MIDI clip where you wanted the change to occur, and then Reason would do the rest (ie do all the right-click-edit-automation, draw in the clip box, draw in the nodes). Of course you could have some other features so default function clips set at 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/2 or bar etc. plus have the freedom to make your own. That way you could, if you really wanted to, have the same automation 'stylings' that you prefer, and use them across various songs instead of copy-pasting from old to new tracks. Could even name the automation clips. Saves drawing out the curves each time, especially parabolic style curves. Could be a major time saver?

Also, thinking of it, if you chose a function clip and dumped it on a lane that doesn't have that function (ie you dragged distortion param1 clip onto a DDL delay line) then perhaps a popup comes up asking you for the parameter you wanted to adjust, or cancel it (in case of errors).

On top you always have the undo menu option to crrect it too.
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