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Old 2012-03-30, 12:21
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Red face Mystery solved: Capacitor whine really due to CPU Power Save in BIOS

I've been struggling for a few weeks troubleshooting a high pitched unpredictable noise coming through my recordings. After a lot of searching, I was pretty convinced that it was related to "capacitor whine" likely from the computer's power supply - turns out it was actually the CPU Power Save feature on my motherboard - after disabling, the sound went away.

More details in case you are struggling too...

I'm using KRK powered speakers and Windows7 64 bit, GA-P55-USB3 motherboard. The noise was noticeable when recording through the 1/4" guitar input for Balance. In addition, when outside of Reason, like in a browser, I'd scroll the page and hear the noise get louder and faster.

Lots of searching. Bought a brand new PSU, and still no luck. Searching for my MOBO model and capacitor whine turned up this helpful post here:

Another way that I figured out it was related to the CPU was in Windows, using the advanced power save settings and playing with the Min/Max CPU consumption... that setting alone made the sound modify through my speakers/headphones.

Hope that's helpful for anyone else struggling. Makes me think it would help to have some discoverable tips/tools from Reason to troubleshoot the system - e.g., how to optimize the computer and settings for use with Reason.

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