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The KONG of synthesizers

I had this idea after seeing titof's request for bringing u-he Diva to the Reason rack.

What if you did something like Kong for synthesizers but way more advanced?

Make a sort of modular synth with various modules like modelled oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFO's and VCA's but not only for analogue modelling. Make digital modelling (FM), physical modelling, waveshaping, additive etc. Make everything from moog style ADS envelope with switchable release to MSEG's and the digital envelopes from the Yamaha DX7.

On physical modelling, instead of the traditional parts regular synthesis use there could be modules for the physical parts of an instrument, like on the Yamha VL series.

Imagine being able to use the oscillators from a minimoog shaped by the articulation of a flute, if that makes sense?

Take inspiration from the more exotic and interesting synthesizers like Korg Prophecy, Yamaha EX5 (FDSP), Yamaha VL1 and also the Roland V-Synth (articulation).

Instead of polysonic it could be an omnisonic synth.

Being realistic I don't think it will happen ever and if it did it will probably have some limitations trying to be it all at once. It's a nice thought however.

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