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Old 2012-04-03, 08:12
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Post 12 suggestions (for whoever's driving this train)

Please implement these into the next version of Reason 7. I believe they will make Reason’s workflow faster and be especially useful mainly around Reasons sequencer. I’m sure these suggestions could be incorporated in the flavor of Reasons very clean design.

1. KEY COMMAND TO ADD/HIDE TRANSPORT – Add a Key command for closing/opening the transport bar. Relocate and customizing the transport size is an added bonus.

2. KEY COMMANDS FOR NAVIGATOR(S) – Key commands for all navigators. One for sequencer, rack, main mixer as well as a global show/hide all navigators. Currently going to (Options) then (Show Navigators) handling of the single all navigator fields is too hidden, and some navigator pains are more useful than others. Let the user customize navigator handling. Right now, there is no key command shortcut at all!

3. SHIFT KEY FOR MOMENTARY UN SNAP – When note editing, a single key command for momentary unsnap, such as [shift] then drag the note. Let go of the note and snap is right back to its original on/off position. Saves having to hit the [s] key twice when there’s a need to stay in a preferred snap on (or off) mode. The [s] is good, but momentary use of [shift] is faster. I’ve used this in another DAW and it really is a proven timesaver. Especially when performing intensive drum editing. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works.

4. PENCIL TOOL NOT NEEDED TO CHANGE VELOCITY - When editing notes and needing to change note velocity, why the need to change to the pencil tool, to adjust note velocity along the vertical bars? Yes, there’s the "velocity" up/down arrows in the inspector to change a single, or group of notes. Currently it’s either switch to the pencil tool or use the key command [W]. True, when velocity bars are dense or overlapping, then the desired way is to use the inspector.

5. SMART TOOL - A smart tool to make note editing fast and efficient. For example the curser or edit tool changes depending on where the cursor/tool is places over a note, or channel strip. Select a note, depending where the cursor is resides over the note, an Up/Down arrow would appear. Mouse up or down to change velocity. Grouped notes would provide the same edit ability. Select one of the grouped notes, (arrow up/down signals velocity) and the group velocity can be changed. Nothing new, just very Slick!

6. RIGHT CLICK FOR “TOOL BOX” OR SMART MENU - Better use of the right click menu would be a time saver. For example when note editing, just hover over a note, right click, and a tool bar for slice, glue tool, mute, etc. is readily available. The same would be useful for hovering over the Edit Arrangement Pane. Right click for tools, mutes, even cross fades. It’s simply very fast, and minimizes the need to remember key commands. Right click quickly without moving returns to default curser. Fast, fast, fast.

7. FIX MUTE/SOLO ODDITY – Synchronize Mute & Solo from the Main mixer to the sequencer. Channel mute and solo are different from the sequencer’s mute & solo.
8. EXPANSION & COMPRESSION - Allow the ability to compress, or expand note velocities when group selecting notes. Example, Low velocity notes would increase quicker than higher velocity notes for expanding, and vise-versa for compression. This would make things especially effective with drum editing.

9. ENHANCE DRUM EDIT SCREEN - Enhance the note/drum edit screen with the ability to change the midi notes to diamond or triangle "hits". Hits could be switched back to rectangle when the note length needs to be preserved, but not for drums & percussion.

10. SAMPLE EDITOR - Speaks for itself. Somethig to further enhance sampling. Not asking for the stars, Just a good editor within.

11. EQ CURVE VIEWED ON ALL CHANNELS OF MAIN MIXER – Self explanatory. The EQ section as is, is a little too analog. This would speed up finding needed adjustments by quickly viewing across the mixer all basic curves. Remember that huge navigator property at the top that is way too large? This would be a handsome place to show EQ curves, compressor envelope, or phase scope. Selectable for each channel & main out. C’mon, “digi it up”!

12. RACK SELECTION - Rack Dividers, or sections to allocate where equipment/modules can be stored. Even when creating a new instrument, the location of where to put the module/instrument/effects could be allocated right away. Be it “Guitar stack”, Drum rack”, or “Joe’s Bass rig”. Another time and organizational saver. Especially with the advent of Rack Extensions, this would be extremely useful.
I hope some of these suggestions are adopted and keep Reason users working seriously within Reason’s sequencer with less of a need to Rewire out. Hope this resonates at the Props think tank.
As music software, thank you for all Reason IS!!!

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