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Old 2012-04-11, 16:36
klamz klamz is offline
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Fail post.

Hi folks !

We need ANOTHER Drag & drop :
The Session to Session Drag & drop !

Ex : you have 2 Reason projects ; project 1 and project 2, opened side by side.

You'd be able (by pressing "Ctrl" and dragging/dropping) to :
- Drag & drop an instrument from project 1 to project 2,
- Drag & drop a lane/loop (instrument included) from project 1 to project 2.
(Reason adapts the bpm automatically).

Sorry for the bad english, hoping you've understood all of this. Haha.

Just discovered you could do that with a copy paste (shame on me).
Admin if you come by, delete me. x)

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