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Old 2012-04-17, 15:18
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2 Oldschool Mixes (Electronic Dance Music, Vinyl only)

Rather fast:

1. Subsonic 808 "My Happyness"
2. Judge S. "Brainstorm (Deep 303 Mix)"
3. Sonic Solution "Re-Quest"
4. Laurent Garnier "Astral Dreams (Carl MMR's mix)"
5. Ghostnote "James Fog"
6. Jammin' Unit "Flower Swing EP, Logo Side, Track 1"
7. Cosmic Baby "Oh Supergirl (ESP Respect Mix)"
8. Robert Hood "Ride"
9. The Aztek Mystic "Jaguar"
10. Jeff Mills "The Bells"
11. Icon "Desire (Tronic Mix)"
12. M.L.O. "Sun Wah"


13. Aton "Voyager"
14. Force Mass Motion "Powers"
15. Love Inc. "The Look Of Love"
16. Joyrider "The Deadline (New York Mix)"
17. Essential Age "Time Slip"
18. DJ Randall "The R"
19. Underground Resistance "Meteor Showers (Weather conditions in the Void -200°C. Meteor showers expected)"
20. Mick Marshall "Stoned (Source Mix)"
21. Speedloader "Judgement Day"
22. Outsider "Sirenade"
23. DJ Peshay "Dreams"
24. G-Max "Paolo's Laufsprogramm"
25. Greenman "Taiga"


26. Tribalacid "Out Of Control"
27. Primary Source "Smile"
28. Nervous Project "Television"
29. Tebukuro "Untitled"
30. Scott Brown "Live Your Life"
31. Pleasure "Flung Open"
32. Scan X "Metempsychose"
33. U 96 "Club Bizarre (Bizarre)"
34. Ultimate "Automatic (Syncro Mix)"
35. Minimal Depht "Vertiges"
36. DJ Ricci "Nytzer Ebb"
37. Pergon "Sub Bass Experience"
38. L'Auberge "Neriah (Original)"

Rather slow:

1. Parazide "Makin' Love (Club Mix)"
2. Cristopher Just "Star Eyed Stelia"
3. Ulysses "Dream 'N' Trance"
4. B-Logic "Galaxy"
5. Jam & Spoon "My First Fantastic F.F."
6. Suburban Knight "Nightvision"
7. Underground Resistance "The Clouds"
8. Phobia "Phobia (Kickin'Mix)"
9. R.H.C. "Fever Called Love"
10. Majestic Twelve "Project Aquarius"
11. Underground Resistance "Mau Mau"
12. Solar Quest Vs. Choci "Bells Of Acid Tartan"
13. The Curse "All Systems (Are Go) (Dark Side)"
14. Jambo "Drumattack"
15. Resistance D "Massive Sax"
16. Vinyl Blair "Scratch N Sniff (The One Billion Dub Mix)"
17. Diffusion "Firewater"
18. Undergound Resistance "Orbit"
19. Resistance D "Cosmic (Rmx)"
20. Khetama "Green Flow (Epsilon Prophecy Remix)"
21. John Beltran "Save The World (Remix)"
22. DJ Edge "S.F. (Acid Mix)"
23. Final Exposure "Synergy 2"
24. House Pimps "Get The Hook (Larron's Party Mix)"
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