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Old 2012-04-19, 17:15
rogerlevy rogerlevy is offline
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Bounce Channels sucks. Ideas for improvement.

Redesign this tedious junk - use my idea. Make bits of it a tab in the song preferences, where you'd set up things like bounce to WAV bitrate/sample rate, normalize, FX settings. Stuff that I don't want to think about when writing a song.

ALSO. You could scrap normalize as a bounce option. Store the maximum peak information in the clip when recording or bouncing. Then right-click > normalize should be very fast and it shouldn't be something you have to think about when bouncing but an optional extra step. I hate bouncing and realizing normalize was set for the previous bounce when I didn't want to and then I have to redo it.

Then, instead of making the actual function a form I have to fill out.. make the process like this:

1) select the sequencer tracks you'd like to bounce
2) right click > Bounce channels > this menu:

Bounce to new channels (keep old tracks)
Bounce to new channels (mute old tracks)
Bounce to WAV file(s)

And this would bounce the entire track(s) for the duration of the song.

3) If you right click on an clip or selected clips, the same context menu is available and you can then bounce just those clips, saving time and hard disk space.

4) If you right click on the ruler where the loop indicators are, you can bounce just the material between the loop points - if you have clips or tracks selected at the same time, it automatically excludes everything not selected.

Bam. Simple.

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