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Modular synth

I think the next "big instrument" for Reason should be a true modular synth.

I makes a lot of sense. Reason and record are already "modular" in that you can add any instrument and effect into a rack and patch both cv and audio signals between them. So, take that existing paradigm and create a bunch of individual modules - individual oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc. - that can all be patched together in exactly the same way that whole instruments/effects are now patched together. Create a cousin to the Combinator, to whit, the Modulator, and make it look like a Moog or modular rack for the modules to go into. But, unlike their hardware counterparts, you can have all sorts of modules that go way beyond what their hardware counterparts are capable of. Imagine being able to build a 10-osc. monster synth with such a beast. You could have a number of different oscillators - ones taken from the existing synths as well as something totally new. You could build additive, subtractive, FM, sample playback, granular synths as well as hybrids using any combinations of these types.

That is one idea that would really set Reason appart and put it way ahead of the rest of the crowd - a true self-contained, unlimited music-making system.

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