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Old 2012-05-11, 03:54
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Increased support for electronic drumkits (edrum)

Hi. I got a Alesis DM10 Studio, an electronic physical drumkit. Just a simple suggestion since Reason now otherwise is a fine recording session tool these days. Some support for hihat control would be neat. In other words it would be great to figure out a way for hihats to be played gradually open instead of just open or closed. The fine Reason drumkits screams out for this kind of support.

Not so important but even so, cymbal choking would be a neat feature as well. I guess everybody knows what this is about. You stop the cymbal sound prematurely by holding the edge. You can do this on two of my cymbals.

Lastly, why not add support for all these edrumkits in the control list of Reason? I mean, I mapped my DM10 quite fast by writing the note of each drum sound, but there surely must be a better, even easier way?

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