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Old 2012-05-11, 13:57
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Exclamation 10 Year Reason User, Can't Figure Out This Problem

OK, this is killing me, I've been at it for 3 days now and I'm still no further forward.

A few days ago my copy of Reason 6 started acting weird, everything was fine with it except for when I attempted to browse my refill folder, at which point the computer would be searching for about 30 mins before it even opened the folder, after the folder was opened everything was slow, jerky and unworkable.

I am fairly computer savy and have checked out the computer running windows 7 for faults, nothings wrong with it, everything is working perfectly and lighting fast except for reason after browsing for refills. If I play a full track that I made its totally fine. Its only when I'm searching that folder.

So I decided that the best option was to uninstall Reason and reinstall. Makes sense, sounds simple, always has been simple. So why is it now I have downloaded the Reason 6 file from the Props site no less than 8 times, the first few times, it simply didn't work, a couple of times after that the download crashed just after 1.6 Gig had been downloaded, then a couple of times after that it downloaded fine, but when I got so far through the installation process a message appears on screen asking me to insert disk 1 ? ? ? WTF

I don't even have a Reason 6 disk, the last disk I bought was the Reason / Record bundle and everything after that has been downloadable. Record didn't even come in multiple disk form. I'm really out of ideas now. Anyone else had a problem like this ? How do I fix this ? I desperately need reason to be back up and running by Saturday night for a gig.

Please help me out here Props.

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