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Talking Kong Stinks and Here's Why

Me: It's a poor imitation of an mpc.
Kong Fan: It's not meant to be an mpc.
Me: Then why does it look like one?
Kong Fan: It's a synthetic/physical modeled drum module with sampling capabilities.
Me: Booohhhh!!!
Kong Fan: That's an immature response.
Me: The audio outs on the back are configured ridiculously for mixing individual drums.
Kong Fan: It can be done there are lots of tutorials on the forum.
Me: Booooohhh!!! Redrum is all I need for drums.
Kong Fan: Whatever, it works really well for sampling!
Me: Astonished facial expression (:O All it can slice/edit is the start and end of the sample, and there's no autochop.
Kong Fan: Use recycle for autochop. Do you have recycle?
Me: Yes. Booohhhh!!!
Kong Fan: I'm done talking to you!!
Me: Typical Kong fanboy!
Kong Fan: You don't really love the Props like I do!!
Me: Look at my icons you idiot, get a life.
~ Jon West

Let the music speak for itself...

I think my music TALKS LOUDER THAN YOURS!!!

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