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Grid Layout in sequencer

I would like to see a better grid in the sequencer window. I really like in Cubase how you can change the line intensity (hoe dark or light the grey is) for different grid lines depending on what order of division they represent. For instance, I always set lines that fall on Bars to be darkest, then going from darker greys to lighter ones, Half bar, quarter, eights, sixteenths, etc.
As I look at reason's current grid I see that the grid area is gray (and dark grey when selected) and the lines are white, wide white lines at the bar and half bar marks and thinner white lines for everything else. I an writing this post because i was just trying to move a note event to the 1/32 note ahead of the 3rd 1/8 note but I had to keep looking to the ruler on top and even scroll the page so the the track was just under the ruler, it works but takes lot longer that in Cubase where I know exactly where i am (save what bar) without looking up to compare.

Here is a visual example of a bar (divided by 16th notes) using numbers to represent grid line intensity, 1= most intense- 5= less intense:

Current setup: 12221222122212221 (the more you zoom in, the 1 lines will represent the

Proposed setup: 15453545254535451

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