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Help Jitter Jitter Jitter :(

HI All,

Recently I upgraded from Reason 4 to Reason 6 (last Thursday 17/5/12), my computer is an HP S3340 with 2GB of RAM it's a dual core 2.2GHz and runs using Vista 32BIT on SP2. I fully intended to upgrade it to 4GB this weekend, I work at an IT distributor selling parts so can get hold of what I need.

The reason (scuse the pun) I am considering an upgrade in RAM is because Reason is taking up to 1GB of this while processing. My computer is running it's RAM usage up to nearly 2GB maxing the machine out.

Now I have managed to turn off all unneeded scheduled tasks, start up items, services, including decreasing the recycle bin size, deleting all temporary folders, uninstalling programs that aren't used / needed / have the word toolbar in, a defrag and disk cleanup.

My computer says it's healthier than ever and seems to be doing all right until I use Reason. It Jitters and I don't get the CPU exceed message I used to get on an older computer running Pentium with Reason 2.5!

It now displays between 700MB to 1.5GB of memory used while Reason is on and I see spikes in CPU performance, as each spike happens the audio jitters, even with all tasks turned off completely and just the essential programs running plus Reason 6 I still get these issues.

If I save the project and open it back up it seems to get rid of the issue temporarily then it just comes rolling on back.

I have Reason 4 and also never had this problem, I performed the maintenance to try and alleviate this problem and it has not helped. I am contemplating getting a new machine and moving Reason 6 over to it (i7 2760QM processor 2.4GHz 6m Cache hyperthreading to 3.5GHz) just to get round this head scratch issue if new RAM doesn't work.

It seems that Reason 6 is far more intensive than Reason 4 in the extra features (master mixer for studio quality 'BIG SOUND') but still as advertised on your site minimum requirement is 1GB RAM (we have 2GB), a decent processor Pentium / Celeron / Second Gen etc (we have core 2 duo E4500), free hard drive space 3GB (we have 466GB available) capable sound card with ASIO support (we have ASIO Multiplex or DX available) why when every requirement is superseded am I experiencing this issue and how can this be overcome?

Reason is version 6.0.2 and is less than a week old as I write this, please help me I urgently need to get back up and running to make more of these many thanks!

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