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New patch handling

Propellerhead ( I hate saying props, and reading it) has done a great job when they upgraded the patch browser back in..god I've been using reason for so long i cant remember what version it was..i think it was 3. I like the simple keyword search rather than the attribute tag searching you see in NI latest gear or spectronics stuff, sounds like a great idea but in practice it just doesn't work well. I think nobody organizes their patches better than Rob Papen, like in Albino, for me i ultimate goal of finding a sound in my head has never processed faster than in his instruments. My suggestion to propellerhead: Flat out copy Rob Papen or don't change. Just dont add attributes, please.

Jeff, Quit bird walking..

My hands down favorite patch handling system is the snapshots in NI's Reaktor. And it not how they categorize their patches, in fact, it a straight up mess: an orchestral pad only Hanz Zimmer would use could be sitting right next to a sequenced gated analogue sawtooth bass only Paul Okenfold and the likes would touch, one after another. What nullifies these misgivings a 1000 times over is the patch morph feature and, even better, the fact you can random morph two patches so the randomization of a parameter never exceed the difference of the two patches, IE: Patch A Filter cutoff is 600hz/resonance 5 and patch B is 2khz/resonance 55; the random values will be between 600-2k cutoff and 5-55% resonance, you'll never end up with a monitor blowing 60hz cutoff-100% resonance (just like the randomize button in all pre-2005 softsynths, I even remember the master volume being randomized ending up no sound, GENUIS!!), it will always sound good provided you started with two good sounding patches. Whats more you can even control the random amount so that you can have a a straight up morph of the two with a 0 random amount setting or a completely new child of the two with a 100 random amount setting and everything in between.

Here's where my dream stops. In Reaktor you can only do this with the same instrument or Ensemble. But how do you random morph a subtractor patch with a Malestrom patch? Or even worse, two combinators?? Probably with a lot of intelligent algorithms and preset parameter limits. Well 15 years ago they said a rebirth with patch cables was impossible, and look where we are now. Randomize is not the dummies way to sound design (but it can be if that's what u want) as I usually get inspired by the new sound that pops up and further tweak the parameters until I have a perfect patch all my own.

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