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Any Reaktor users?

Long post Rant here regarding Native Instruments Reaktor

Three key words here.


I have been using Reaktor at a friends for a while now, and I love using it! When your like me and revel in the technological geeky side of electronic music production, then using something as seemingly infinite as reaktor just feels awesome.

Having complete sonic control over my sound is something I'm kind of OCD about. I approach music more as a mad scientist would creating intentional glitches and mangling sounds using a "What If i did this" approach.

I don't think I could ever just be happy learning one synthesis style to make my sounds as i appreciate a varying degree of synthesis techniques each for their own sonic characteristic. I know Thor, Subtractor, Malestrom cover a lot of synthesis territory, but I want MORE! Modal Synthesis is also exciting territory to dive into and Reaktors latest update is full of it.

Granular processing of samples is also something I am quite keen on experimenting more with. If I could I would buy a Symbolic sound Pacarana system just so I could experiment with its incredible granular synthesis engines.

I'll admit one of the main reasons I was drawn to reason was the modular ability within the rack. Modular patching is incredible! I wish Reason had a modular synth with patch cabling on the front though... (It probably wouldn't sound that great though and most likely end up using too much CPU)

I do want to learn how to design my own stuff though! I also noticed that Reaktor can be fairly CPU intense with the more advanced modules, but for most basic applications it's quite moderate and can be used along side Reason without any glitches.

The sound of Reaktor is also incredible, it can really be anything that you want providing you put the effort into making that way.

Overall the value for money is right up there with Reason in my opinion.

Purchasing QUESTION
I noticed that you can buy it for 400$ brand new, however you can get it also bundled in Komplete for $550 as well.

Im kind of OCD about what I have on my computer when it comes to plugins and what not, so if i get Komplete would this mean i have to install everything even though i might not use it? Or can i just install what i want?

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