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Old 2012-06-05, 00:02
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Add prefs option to enable combinator 'Run Pattern Devices' by default.

I've been using the demo now for a week or two. I have V4 and just purchased Balance so I'll have a full license in a few days.
One option I'd like to see in an future version of Reason that I can't seem to find is an option whereby you can enable 'Run Pattern Devices' on Combinators by default.
When you create a Combi and browse for sounds, it's simple to enable it as part of that process but when you are looking for a particular sound via the 'Create Instrument' option and you are not sure what devices you are going to be using, then it starts to make sense to have that option on by default so you don't have to come back out of the file browser to enable it then go back into the file browser to continue with your search for that illusive sound.

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