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Everyone wants an MS20

It's wierd really, back in the day when i was a wee lad (1986) I started using synths and basic sequencing that was available. The ultimate synth of the day was the Ensoniq SQ80 i remember dreaming one day that this beast would be mine. Other of my friends and fellow musicians totally raved about the Roland D110 sound module. You could actually do great things with both of these.

Now to the point, the KORG MS20 at that time was an absolute dinosaur the type of thing you would have beacause it gave you a nice flat top to stand your cup of tea on whilst making serious music with your other synths. A 303 was a handy beer mat or something you used to keep your books straight.

If Retro is back in then may i suggest someone buys an old Ensoniq and produces a hit record with some D110 drum patches. That way everyone can get really excited about the start of didgital tones and the price of these beasts that you can get for peanuts will go through the roof! Everyone now wants the KORG MS20 mini but i'm extremely concerned that my tea cup will not fit on the lid now the've made it mini maybe some retro extension cup holder could be designed.

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