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Old 2012-06-08, 18:22
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Accidental Feature - Pitch Mod Gravity

I have a crappy M-Audio KeyStudio that you can get at Best Buy. I now have a much better model coming, partially because my Pitch Wheel is broke and does its own thing even when I am not touching it.

However I am not getting rid of this keyboard because this broke pitch wheel provides a feature that would be nice to have baked into Reason.

Basically I think of it as "gravity". As I move my mod wheel the closer it gets to the position of the pitch (which is springed to always sit at center) the pitch (on its own) moves towards the position of the mod wheel. It then "synchs up" with the mod wheel as I push the mod wheel past center it then loses "gravity" and falls back to center.

I could imagine a feature where you can do this on purpose in any instrument that uses the pitch/mod wheels. It would let you set a gravity strength that controls how much pull the mod wheel has on the pitch wheel and when it lets go.

It adds a pretty nice effect when I do things like assign LFO rate to the mod wheel and the pitch automatically does its thing.

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