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DeNoizer, DeEsser, DeClicker

This came up somewhere in the PUF today and I must say I agree:

I would like to see a didicated tool each for:

- DeNoizing
- DeEssing
- DeClicking

Especially the first is important because how many sounds do you have day to day with a certain noizefloor.?

Before you come about and say, use this and that combinator, I would like to point out that what I'm looking for is a DeNoizing device that "hears" and then "learns" a certain frequency content and then automatically takes that content out.

Same goes for DeClicking, set a threshold and reduction strength and there you go. I want also for this device to isolate and play back the clicks only so I can hear exactly what is taken out and adjust accordingly (actually for the DeNoizer I want the same feature).

DeEssing is probably the easiest currently to replicate but it's worth mentioning anyway since I don't want to create convoluted combinators just to subdue a bit of Essing, especially since these "Essing" frequencies can vary a great deal as well.

A look-ahead function for the DeEsser and DeClicket would be very handy too.

Cheers for listening

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