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Old 2012-06-15, 23:53
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Reason 6.5 demo - Weird timing issues - PDC

I tried Reason 6.5 demo for the first time. So far so good. Actually awesome. Only thing which is weird to me is how is plugin delay compensation handled?

I tried to make some drums (Redrum is awesome) and on other Instruments i tried to make some cool effects with Neptune and some presets from combinator. Whenever i use Neptune in a rack all signal which goes from Neptune is a bit delayed and not in sync with other tracks. I also noticed that several other devices also add latency to signal.

From what i understand (i am coming from VST world) all host have some sort of automatic plugin delay compensation and i never needed to worry about it. I just stack series of plugins in all sort of chains and buses and i never had to worry about it, everything is handled automatically and in perfect phase and sync.

I assume something similar is in Reason but i just can't find it. Where is PDC option? Somewhere in mixer? Some host have that i mixer option.

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