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Tags for finding sounds.

A different/additional way of finding sounds and samples using 'Tags'.
For instance.. I want to find a phat bass with some damage and reverb
How do I find that?.. well I could go to 'create instrument' search for bass and browse one patch at a time until I find something fat.. then add some reverb or I could browse for a bass with reverb then tweak it with some phatness.. you know.. it's a cumbersome project in itself and by the time you find and tweak the sound you want.. you've lost that burst of inspiration that lead you down that path in the first place.
.. maybe a hundred or more patches before I find something close to what I want.
But if I was able to tag each patch with words/tags I'd like to use personally to narrow down the pool of potential sounds from my library then Tags would be a very fast way of doing that. Example Tag Search: bass phat reverb-med delay-low pan-0
And voila.. at the top of this list shows all the patches for any device that meets most of these criteria then further down the list shows patches that have less of these criteria and so on until you just end up with 'bass' on its own at the bottom of the list.

What's important in this is that 'you' create your own tags per patch and not have to learn someone else's preferred language when referring to sounds. You call it Phat or Fat and he calls it Wide or Deep.. it's up to you.. you tag and you find in your native language that suits you using Tags. Not just your geographical location/words but your own preferred terminology within that language for what it means to you.. to suit your style.

It would be a long job to go through each patch to tag each one but it's an ongoing project.. you would do it as you go along, increasing your Tag database over time, as and when you have the opportunity to do so. You could always switch back to conventional search mode. Just remember to add tags when you find something you like.

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