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Old 2012-06-18, 02:33
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Gate Re-Trigger For Overlapping Midi Notes?

I feel bad for posting another question so soon after my last. But this is something thats been bothering me forever and I'd love to get some help.

I'm going to use Thor for example purposes.

In Thor, if I am making a pluck noise via filter frequency modulation. I would use the filter envelope with a short decay. By Default, the filter env only affects F1 and F2, and the global env affects F3. My problem is that, if I'm using a patch where my pluck is being generated from F3, when my midi notes are touching, or I'm using a mono bass patch with legato and my notes are overlapping, the global envelope doesn't re-trigger unless there is a gap between the notes.

However, when notes are overlapping, the filter env controlling F1 and F2 always triggers no matter what.

Right now, I am routing a Thor through Etch Reds filter. I have the Gate from the Thor going out of CV1 into the Etch Red Gate to trigger the Etch Envelope. My problem is once again that when notes overlap, the gate doesn't retrigger the Etch if the notes are overlapping.

If anyone could help me out so that the gate always triggers even if the notes are overlapping for both Global Env and Cv Out Gate that would be a great help.

In the Thor I can get around this by manually routing the Filter Env to F3 Frequency, but that's not working for the Etch Gate In.


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