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Old 2012-06-18, 13:10
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Anti-pirate: Refills sold as rack extensions

I read a topic about how to deal with pirates if you are a refill maker.

Someone suggested to make your refills with 6.0 or up so user of pirate reason 5 and below can not use it.
Good point, but the legal 6.0 and 6.5 owners would still be able to pirate them AND you leave legal reason 5 and below users in the cold, even is they want to pay for your product. I can not make up a solution for the reason 5 and below owners (who will eventually upgrade anyway, I don't people using reason 5 in 10 years or so) but I have for the 6.5 and above owners:

Sell your refills as rack extensions
You can use it's security license system, which I suspect is good, the same as reason's ignition key system.

That way you only get legal users of your product, and generate maybe more income.
For promotional purposes you can release normal smaller refills, so everyone can taste the flavour for an unlimited time before deciding to test drive the rack extension for a full month. If it works out, they can buy them, if not they can stay with the small promotional refill version or look for another product.

Refillmaker adjustable combinator
What needs to be done to give this it's USP is bigger/better adjustable combinators.
Sort of SDK but easier for n00bs, like me. Call it RDK or whatever
This way people can give it 8 pots and 8 knobs for instance and maybe some freedom with the button placing, choice of buttons and offcourse the backdrop like we already know. People are discussing bigger combi's for some time now. Pheads can sell these empty super combi's in a modified way (without the RDK) for normal users, and for use with the promotional refill. To make sure these refill combi's can't be rebuild for free the RDK version must have some special code which makes it work, and is not reproducable in the normal super combi.

Problems ?
First of all, rack extensions are sold solely through the pheads shop, unlike how some refill sellers sell their product. This means everything must go through the rack extension shop and the shop can be flooded with good and many bad refills. It clutters the whole shop. But that's a problem already waiting to happen with more and more rack extensions coming to reason. It's just a matter of time before things must get categorized in "studio effects", "synths", "creative effects" "etc tools". Just add another "Refill extensions" category

App store prices
I read many people complaining about the prices of the new rack extention effects are higher than expected because they compare it with apple appstore. Refillmakers maybe can use lower prices, since it is easier to make refills than to do pluggin development and they know they only get legal paying users and maybe generate more sells that way. And the buyer knows it's the only way to use these sounds, it can't be pirated. In a twisted way it's also a selling point. Just think about it, what will sell more, a 30 euro refill quality or a 2,50 euro quality refill ? You can split huge refills up into smaller portions, so people can choose which collection of sounds they want to use and what not. Like the 30 euro refill is split into 8 portions of 4,50 euro each. Or the reason piano refill separated into 3 refills (one piano per refill). And a discount if you buy them all at once. The way it is presented would be like buying an mp3 album. Buy all or select portions.

What's in it for Propellerhead ?
33% of the refill sells, which helps them helping use with their product !
Everybody wins.

What's in it for me ?
I've got so many ideas for good refills I would like to put out, genre specific, with my 20 years of experience. But my last private company went bankrupt mainly due to piracy, so I'm not getting on the old type refill bandwagon until I'm sure the product sales are secure. I can use it's income to buy other rack extensions ! Many talented sounddesigners and producers would be able to generate some income this way without having to learn dsp etc. I can imagine the potential of this.

What are your thoughts on this idea ?

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