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Reason Essentials license for sale...

Hello all.

I have a copy of Reason Essentials that I'd like to sell. This is not the boxed retail version, but rather the version that comes bundled with the Balance hardware.

As such, it has some special powers that the retail boxed version doesn't have...

it can be upgraded to Reason 6/6.5 for $169 vs $329 (suggested retail prices, street prices vary)
if you are a registered user of Reason 1-5, registering this version of Essentials upgrades your Reason license to 6/6.5

Other stuff to be aware of...

this includes licenses for versions 1.0.2 & 1.5.1
this doesn't come with the Ignition Key dongle - the Balance is the dongle for this version
no, this doesn't come with the Balance - just the software
if you upgrade (boxed version) to Reason 6/6.5, you'll get an Ignition Key with it
you can buy a separate Ignition Key, but you're better off saving for the upgrade (best cost/benefit ratio)
you can run this in Demo Mode or Internet Verification mode with no problems (providing you have an internet connection)
you can download either the Windows or Mac version of the software

This version of Essentials would make a good choice for somebody looking to get on the path to Reason 6/6.5 but can't quite afford it yet, or wants to go right to Reason 6/6.5 via upgrade. It's also a very good price if you have an older version of Reason, and want the latest feature set. Either way, you'll save a bit over the normal prices.

So, that said...

I'm asking for $75 + shipping via PayPal.

Shipping costs will vary, and you MUST take the DVD, as it demonstrates proof of ownership for registration.

Please send me a PM for more information if needed. However, for purchasing purposes, first dibs goes to whoever posts to this thread first, then second, then third, etc. This is the only way to be fair about it.

Thanks everybody.

EDIT: I'll make the DVD optional, but I highly suggest receiving it, as the sleeve is the registration card, which is the final claim to ownership accepted by Propellerhead.

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