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Old 2012-06-27, 00:21
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Thumbs down Wow -- No manual for Sugar Bytes Slice Arranger

Title says it all. I've searched SB website, PH shop, google etc. The Slice Arranger is not very intuitive and I'm a bit surprised that they'd release something without any sort of explanation of how it works, examples etc. The only info I can find is in the PHeads shop, and it is a bit sparse to say the least -- especially since it's hard to nail down what it's doing in usage.

From the shop:
The Slice Arranger does exactly that, slicing the incoming signal into new patterns. The audio signal is recorded in real-time, then divided into slices and arranged according to the Pattern and Fill Parameters. With the Pattern Parameter there are a number of pre-defined patterns. You can choose from eight pattern types in the Options Menu with 50 patterns for each type. The two Fill Parameters incorporate Rolls and Microloops into the selected Pattern. Furthermore, each pattern allocates different slices to the Fills.

Here are the Fill Options:
- Repeat: The final phase of the slice is being looped
- Up: Upwards-pitch
- Down: Downwards-pitch
- Hard: Dramatic repeat
- Pong: Forwards and backwards repeat
- Soft: Simple more subtle repeat

The Decay Parameter controls the length of the slice envelopes as well as highlighting the end of the sliced audio with help of an amplitude envelope. With the Options “Beat” and “2 Beats” the slice arranging can be applied to the audio over one or two beats.

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