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Old 2012-06-27, 11:52
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A MORE DEDICATED FILTER! (with high-pass mode)

I'm a techno producer and a Reason user for many years!

In today's electronic dance music and most importantly in music genres such as house & techno, filtering is one of the most important aspects specially for creative build-ups!
And this is the only reason that I have to use Reason in rewire mode, slaved to another program, to add a great filter.
Reason of course has it's own filter effect (ECF-42) but by all means it is not impressive and lacks of a high-pass mode! (big issue)

High-pass filtering is the most commonly used FX application in club-intended electronic dance music environment.

The "build-up to break-down effect" which consists of progressively high-pass filtering the entire signal of a bus mix while adding reverb but keeping only the kick dry, cannot be done in Reason with the ECF-42 filter! And in "techno world" this technique is the sure recipe for a killer track!

I believe in your next update you should redesign your ECF-42 filter or present a whole new filter!
My suggestion is very simple and effective!

Just a big knob for cut-off frequency, a high pass, band pass and a low pass mode with 3 resolution types for each mode (smooth-hard-extreme).
But when the cut-off frequency knob is returned reverse clockwise to 20 Hz (in high-pass) or clockwise 20 KHz (in low-pass) respectively, the signal should be completely unaffected - dry - pure!

So you can have the filter always "on" and serially connected to your device or even on the output of a "bus" mix without affecting the signal at all until you actually need to filter by using the cut-off frequency knob! This way the transition between dry and filtered signal would be brilliant.

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