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Old 2012-07-01, 16:19
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Good idea? - Show notes from other tracks while editing MIDI

You know how sometimes you have split out MIDI keyboard parts among several "dubs" (tracks) for one instrument? Meaning, the separate parts aren't actual separate instruments, just separate tracks.

Well, I think it would be cool if you could check a box to see the other tracks' notes while you're editing another track. Seems like it would help sometimes to be able to see the notes on the other track. Currently, you have to keep going back and forth between the various tracks.

This would especially help if you are editing drum tracks but want to keep each sound on a separate track so you can easily mute them to get arrangement ideas.

When clicking this new check box in the sequencer, the notes from the other tracks would appear, but ghosted-out, and you wouldn't be able to edit them, of course. They'd just be there for visual reference.

A name for the checkbox could be something like "Show other notes" or "Show notes from other tracks". Of course, it would have to be clear that it's not going to show notes from other *instruments*.. just other tracks from that same instrument. Not sure how this could be worded without taking too much space in the interface. Maybe a more detailed tooltip could be shown for the lengthy description but what it always shows on the screen is "Show other notes".

It could be placed next to the "Snap" checkbox. To the right of it.

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