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Recording Vinyl with Reason

It's simple. Right? I have my Technics 1200's input going into my pioneer DJM-600. The output of that mixer is plugged into the inputs of my M-Audio interface. I simply set the inputs for my audio channel in Reason 6 to record from my M-Audio interface's input and done. Just play the record and hit record. The only thing I don't understand is the quality of the recording after it's done. It seems as if some frequencies are missing, particularly the lower end and the top end sounds rather harsh. I really want to sample some old records, but the quality just isn't good enough recording it this way. What can I do to fix this? I used to record records into Cubase using the same setup, except for the audio interface was a Firebox instead of M-Audio and I still had the same issue. Should I use a better needle? I'm using the Ortofon nightclub series. I also have my eq's set to flat on my mixer, should I mess with these? Has anybody ever done what I'm trying to do without any problems such as this?

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