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Remove the star rating on Re's

The star rating of Re's seems a bit unpleasant. If it was coupled with a selection of short reviews as to why a certain people didn't find a device useful, you could at least read that review and either mentally discredit the rating or agree with it.

There's an option to try things for 30 days, that's enough time to get out of it what you can, or at least fall in/out of love with the device in question. I also have a nasty suspicion that some people will just down rank things because 'they're too expensive' (yes, I went there!) and while I'm on this subject. They are not VST's, they are different! Effort needs to be put in by developers to create cv gates and other modulation options (yeah, you know, the ones we as reason users take for granted. Yes, them!), so comparing prices between the platforms is flawed!

I know life isn't fluffy and some people just don't like certain things, personally I saw no use for the Polar whatsoever (remember this is personal preference) and that was one of the new things I was really looking forward to trying out. I also fell in love with Buffre and bought it despite my first impression which was 'It's just a toy, a cool toy, but still a toy'. The stammering live capabilities of Buffre are insane! Any way, back to my point.

Without a review system I don't see this working and I'm sure the technology exists to create the Re spot light page regarding sales. When the device list grows beyond a single page no doubt some one will create a forum page with a complete alphabetical list grouped by software house, so filtering by ranking will be useless. This means you won't need the rating system to see what's apparently popular as that will show on the popular by sales spot light page. People will either have to put their money or opinions where there mouth is, add reviews to rankings, or just shut up.

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