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Great Mixer but NEEDS subgroups.

I love the Reason mixer. Best sounding virtual mixer I have used.

The only thing missing is SUBGROUPS!

Workflow when mixing large sessions is greatly improved when working with subgroups.
There are a few work arounds that you can do to create groups but there is no solution that works properly with regards to soloing tracks within groups that doesn't mute the entire group.

The Propellerheads are the only one who can rectify this.

My suggested solution is for them to:

Create an assign section on the channel strip that is collapsable like the input, eq, dynamics etc.

The assign section should have at least 8 group buttons you can choose. When a button is activated a Subgroup channel is created in the mixer and rack and the channel automatically sends audio to the subgroup.

The subgroup channel obviously should have a fixed assignment number displayed on it but also a field which allows the user to name it as "Drums".

Once a channel is assigned to a group the solo "logic" should be built into the mixer so that when channels are soloed or subgroups are soloed it works properly.

I like subgrouping fx as, drum reverb, phasers etc all going to the same subgroup as the dry drums, this allows me to have complete control of the whole drum sound on one group. So it would also be great to assign fx returns to a subgroup but this is not a deal breaker for me as you could create your own mixer channels and send fx to them and then assign them to a subgroup.

Please do this and it will give me a Reason to upgrade!


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