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Old 2012-07-07, 10:39
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SOLVED! Mapping RE's to Midi Controllers, i'd like scope and item lists for RE's



I have 2 controllers i use with reason, an MPK mini on the go and and Axiom Pro at home. For the MPK mini i have edited the remotemap files by hand to fine tune the mapping.
I have bought several RE's and from all of them only the Radical Piano seems to get a mapping onto my Axiom.
When checking the Midi Controller.remotemap i can find the scope for the radical piano. I can use that info to map the Radical Piano onto my MPKmini.
I did not however found any info on for example the pulsar or polar.

As to building the maps myself i think i know how i can find the Item name, just edit remote override mapping for a control will get me its name.
What i do not know is how to make the Scope line correctly.

For radical piano its
Scope Propellerhead Software se.propellerheads.radicalpiano

For pulsar i think i can guess.. For the polysix, i have no idea. Any help here ?
is it com.korg.polysix ??

TLDR; Would it be for possible propellerheads provide us with a bit more info on how to extend the remotemaps for our controllers for the RE's we buy i.e. : How do i build the "Scope" line, and a list of item names please.

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