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Old 2012-07-09, 16:41
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New to Performing Live with Reason and Backing Track. Help?

Hi all. Sorry if this seems lengthy, this is all still new to me and any advice or experience would be appreciated. I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to perform using Reason and a backing track in a live show scenario.

1. Reason: I'm thinking of using Reason to provide the sounds for our MIDI keyboard controllers when we play a live show. We'll hook up a laptop with Reason to our MIDI controller(s). Would it be suggested to just open up the song, mute the track, and play that part live? Or is there another or better way of doing this, like just save several Combinators (titled for each song) saved in one song file? Then we could just click on a specific Combinator rather than having to open another file. Thoughts?

2.Backing Track: I've heard several say to play a backing track using an iPod. People say that iPods are more stable than a CD and computer. Thoughts on this? This backing track will be split to provide a click, is this done in Reason or other software?

3. Mixer: I have a Yamaha 16 channel mixer in our gig rack. We have guitars, bass and vocals that we will be running into it. I have a feeling that the house sound guy at our shows will want to run his own mix (with the backing track). I'm thinking we would need to split each instrument so that we get it going to our board, and to the house's board. What's the best way to do this?

4. In Ear Monitors: I have a Carvin In Ear Monitor system. It's not that great, but the price was right. It has up to 5 packs, so up to 5 people can get the same mix. I know the drummer needs this most importantly, to hear the click track. Would it be recommended that all band members have them to hear the backing track (with the click) or would wedge monitors suffice?

5. Vocals: Does anyone recommend any rackmount equipment to optimize the vocals?

I think this covers all of my questions. Sorry again for the length of this post, I just have a lot of questions. Thanks!

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