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Old 2012-07-11, 23:43
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Limiting remote override mapping to a midi channel?

I am using Reason 6 and an Axiom 25 Pro for a live context

I've got quite a few devices/tracks. The songs are basically broken into sequencer tracks... some of which are just instruments and effects, some are 6:2 mixers. Pretty common approach I think.

In some of the situations, I want to do things that involves remote override mapping. For example, have one track that has a 6:2 mixer with two different Thor synths running different sequencer patterns. I'd really like to map two different drum pads to triggering the sequencer's run buttons on and off seperately. Which is tantamount of course to mapping a different note to each. You can do this with remote override mapping.

The problem is that, as far as I can tell, remote override mapping seems to transcend sequencer track selection, which is my way of switching between instruments. So moving forward, no matter which track I've picked, if I hit C-2, that sequence in the original track I described will get played again.

Also, it does not seem like I can do things like instruct a given remote-mapped element to only listen to a particular midi channel.

It all seems... pretty global.

Am I hosed? Am I missing something?


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