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Old 2012-07-21, 04:33
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Already solved: 'Get rid of "Some licenses only available online"'


If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I'll easily admit it too.

This turned out to be a non-issue, others have been able to remove the warning pop-up. See this thread (link) for more info on the subject.

Apologies for writing first and learning about the facts later. Sometimes I guess I'm a bit too impatient

Rest of my originally written comments:

This request is most likely a copy of another but I couldn't find it, I only recalled reading about this in the (I think) user forum.

Some people complained that this pop up would still appear when their trial period was over.

Unfortunately I can raise the bar a little and its plain out annoying in my opinion.

First I tried out Polar (which is sitting on my "purchase next month" list), second I tried out the RM1.

Today I made up my mind; I will get Polar next month and I really do not need RM1. I started Reason 6.5.1, I ignored the logon part and then removed my preview RE licenses manually, like so:
  • Start Reason without logging on (otherwise the devices are still in use).
  • Go to Window -> Rack Extensions.
  • Hit 'Delete' on the extensions you downloaded for trial.
Right now this window only shows Polar and the Saturation knob but if I fire up Reason it still comes up with the "some licenses are only available online". Which is not the case since I deleted all the trial RE's, even long before they expired!

Obviously I tried to logon but if I do nothing changes,

I really hope this gets addressed. I know its only a relative minor issue but I consider it quite annoying that Reason continues to 'moan' while there's nothing left to 'moan' about.

Don't tell me you can only get rid of this silly warning if you buy all the RE's you tried ?


Ok, so I think I maybe a little too hasty here but if I am then so be it.

I went to my product page and there I noticed that RM-1 and Polar are still active and available for download. As such I could imagine that this is what triggers the pop-up, which IMO makes it all acceptable again. (sure, its still a little annoying but I honestly think the PHeads are entitled to a little "nudging" when it comes to buying RE's).

My trial periods aren't over yet so maybe I've been a little too hasty, but I sure hope that if the trial period ends and you remove the RE as mentioned above the pop-up also disappears.
With kind regards,


Using the Big Trio: Live 9 Suite, Max (for Live) and Reason 6.5.

Last edited by ShelLuser; 2012-07-22 at 03:23. Reason: Writing after the facts...

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