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Question Lack of professional endorsement

I don't mean to troll or start a flame war or anything. I'm genuinely curious why Reason seems to have relatively low professional endorsement compared to most other big DAWs despite being one of the most popular ones.

Historically, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and the like have pretty much always been industry standard and that probably isn't going to change anytime soon so it is quite normal that the software is used in most studios by sound engineers everywhere.

But even as a creative tool, Reason seems to be overshadowed by Ableton by quite a lot and every big/successful contemporary DJ seems to be using it:

I know Reason can count some artists as well, some of them are even somewhat famous but it quite frankly pales in comparison with the list above containing some, if not all, of the most successful DJs and acts of today.

There's no arguing that Reason is a lot of fun to use and the software is probably just as powerful as any other DAW. You can definitely make great music with it but still I can't help but feel that many professionals dismiss Reason in favor of the competition.

So what do you think is the reason behind this?
  • Maybe it's the fact that Reason only recently became a fully fledged DAW and still likes to preserve some of its self contained nature, restricting freedom by design.
  • Maybe some producers still insist that there is, in fact, a "Reason sound".
  • Maybe Ableton actively seeks endorsements as part of their marketing and Propellerhead simply don't care.
  • Maybe the workflow, while certainly fun, is considered to be clunky and gimmicky by professional producers.
  • Do you even know of an incredibly famous and popular DJ/artist/act/producer that uses Reason as his main DAW?
Do you think professionals still see Reason as a toy and don't take it seriously? If so, why?

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