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Figure addict w/ questions

Hi all,

I recently downloaded the Figure app for my iPhone, and have written more music with it in the last few weeks then I have in the last 5 years using all my other hardware / software.

Does anyone know if propellerhead plans to add any integration between Figure and Reason? Such as the ability to export a song created in Figure to a Reason Song file? I'm currently using Cubase and right now I have to export each "track" as separate .aif files and then re-integrate them manually in my DAW.

Honestly, I would dump Cubase in a second if I could just use Figure to create my initial songs, and then import them directly into Reason, where I could add other pieces and do final mixing / tweaking /cleanup.

Also, some suggestions for future enhancements:
  • Ability to record performance changes to instrument Rhythm, Range & Scale
  • Ability to record performance changes to Tempo, Key & Shuffle
  • Ability to record changes to levels
  • Ability to adjust Drum levels individually (ie Kick, Snare, Hats, etc...)
  • Ability to create/arrange multiple patterns in the same "Song" (sequencer?)
  • Ability to export individual instruments as raw MIDI
Please please please!!! I would become a propellerhead customer for life if you could make this happen!

Also, I'd like to get some feedback from people on the snippets I've written so far using Figure. Is there a Figure user community where I can do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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