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Old 2012-08-02, 08:52
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When Will Reason Become what it should be... A Complete In The Box DAW?

Using Reason is so user friendly, fast and fun (even taught me how to wire up real devices on a real rack). I've been a registered user for about 10 years now but now I have come to realize that Reason is lacking in areas that I feel are very important. No device delay compensation, no spectrum analyzer (I know you should use your ears but who wouldn't like to see where things are sitting in the mix?), no phase meter ( I had to rig up my own mono speaker out of a headphone extention cable to speaker wire for one boom box speaker. It's a ghetto rig to check for phase issues), no mulitband compressor (yes I know you can make your own but who wants to take up so much rack space?), no de esser (again I know you can make one but why not a simple rack device that takes up less space?), no exact gain reduction read out on compressors ( exact numbers not a led light like the m-class comp, rough rider comp, ozone maximizer, ect... They always keep me quessing how much gain make up I should add.I also don't like to compress over 6db ),can't type in what db level on a channel fader or any other knob/fader, When you use the m-class eq it skips freqs (even with shift held down), no mid/side decoder/encorder device (yes I know you can route one up with spiders and thors but again why not a simple rack device?), no phase linear devices, no video support, mp3 support (I myself don't like to use mp3 because of the lesser quailty of sound but make it availible for other to use.), No surround sound support, how about the abilty to burn your music to cd ( or publish a mp3 with tags, album photo,ect..), more guitar opions (better amps/cabs, pedals,ect..), I think that just about covers it...
Don't get me wrong I love using Reason and I even recommend it to people just starting out in music production but come on propellerheads, finish what you started. Let Reason be a total in the box DAW! I don't wan't to rewire, I could care less about all the hundreds of vst/au/rtas/ pluggins out there. I like the fact that I only have a few dozen devices to choose from that way I'm not taking for ever trying to figure out what comp, eq, reverb unit, ect.. I want to use to create great music. All in all I don't want to work outside of the Reason enviroment but it seems like I have no choice at this point. I will still be using Reason mainly but I will probably either be rewiring Reason into another DAW or I will be bouncing all the stems out to finish a mix.
Anyone have any recommendations on a DAW? I was going to get Bitwig (on their release date) but they're not going to include rewire so that's out. I own Ableton Live 5 (I acctually won Live 1 when I was 18 or 19 in a propellerheads Christmas beat contest on this website) but they seem like they're never going to update their DAW to 64bit so I won't be able to rewire (I Will update as soon as they do, if they ever do). I used to use PT 6.7 but now I can't use my m-box because they won't update the drivers and it seems like you have to own one of their peripherals to use PT ( I'm not sure if it's still that way). I wasn't the biggest fan of their workflow design either but it is still considered the "standard" DAW. I think I've narrowed it down to Sonar X1 production suite, Studio One Professional or Cubase 6.5. I think I'm leaning towards Sonar X1 PS or Studio One Pro...
I hope no one is angered by this post. Like I said before I love making music in Reason just hoping one day Reason Professional will come out (Maybe they could have three Reason versions. Reason essentials, Reason Advanced and Reason Complete Pro). Till then it looks like I just might go else where.

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