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Audio clip playback speed.

Having just posted a bit about this in a thread in the General Forum, I guess I'll go ahead and ask for it as a feature.

I would like there to be a setting for adjusting the effective playback speed of an audio clip. By which I do not mean timestretching - I mean treating an audio clip like a vinyl record or tape machine, where pitch lowers as playback speed decreases - also the basic sampling principle.

Yes, it is true that one can load an audio file into one of Reason's samplers and do this. But if the audio one wishes to work with is somewhat long, this can be an inconvenience during preview and mixing, since the sound will only be heard if a note is triggered in the sampler's sequencer track. One cannot simply jump to the middle of a three-minute sample loaded in an NNXT to hear how it sounds in the mix.

Since we can timestretch clips, and even transpose clips, I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to add a "playback rate" setting to clips, where "1" is normal speed, and, say, a value of ".5" would cause the clip to effectively play at half speed (and effectively an octave lower). It is child's play to do this in Sound Forge for from .05X to 18X "speeds".

Granted, this may not be a commonly-desired feature for those who prefer to snap things to tempo and pitch-shift everything to be in tune. But I often work with transformed long-form audio, and I've been a little puzzled that something like this hasn't been available since Record was released. I would have thought that, compared to timestretching and transposing, it would have been a lot simpler to implement.

(This would also suggest a "lock playback rate to tempo" option for audio clips, where playback rate would change along with any tempo shifts, slowing (and lowering in pitch) or speeding up in proportion to the BPM. Going from 180 to 90 BPM would result in a clip playing at half-speed, but only at the point in the song where the decrease occurs.)

So, anyway - timestretching in Record, transposing in Reason 6 - so howsabout playback rate for Reason 7?
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