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Old 2012-08-06, 19:49
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Wink Selecting mixer channels recedes surrounding channels from view as option

If you are like me, then you know we can get carried away with the # of tracks that end up in our productions. I think a useful way to not get mixed up with the channels while mixing would be to have the option to select a channel, which would subdue/recede the view of the surrounding channels. This could also be a nice visual asthetic for Reason (similar to Vista Aero transparencies as an example ). Also, you should be to do this on multiple channels in the window by hitting ctl + clicking on several tracks at the same time.

I think that this visual option could also be applied when working with devices in the rack window. Selecting a device would only show devices that are linked/associated with that track and again dimming/receding the view of other devices around the selected one(s).

Anyone agree/disagree?

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